Buy a Pure Gold Guan Im Medallion Disaster Relief Fund

The Klintiendharma Foundation in Thailand and Than Hsiang Foundation in Malaysia is reaching out to help flood victims in various parts of Thailand and Northern Malaysia as well as tsunami and volcano victims of Indonesia.

Help us reach more people by donating through this form, we feel privileged to empower you to perform extraordinary acts in times of disasters by giving and getting involved. Every dollar makes a difference, thanks to the generosity of our supporters; hundreds were touched when they were hungry, cold and felt hopeless with an initial emergency response of 1 million baht in Thailand.

Put your compassion into action, Support the Buy a Pure Gold Guan Yin Medallion Disaster Relief Fund by purchasing a:

  1. ½ ounce pure gold Guan Yin medallion (43,000 baht) or
  2. ¼ ounce pure gold Guan Yin medallion (23,000 baht)

Prices quoted include shipment and handling charges. Medallions are minted by Singapore Mint.

If you are in the U.S.A. :

1. ½ ounce pure gold Guan Yin medallion (USD 780)
2. ¼ ounce pure gold Guan Yin medallion (USD 1,450)

Select a Payment Type

1. Credit card:

a. Master Card, Visa. American Express
b. PayPal


If you are in the U.S.A.:


2. Cheque made payable to :

International Buddhist College, Thailand

3. Direct Transfer of funds to:

International Buddhist College,
Krung Thai Public Company Limited.
A/C Number: 902-023971-6

4. Donate 600 Bahts (20 USD) Online (Buy an eBook: Mahayana Buddhism by Dr. Peter Della Santina)

Whether your help is monetary or just helping spread awareness in your community; you can help!!! Visit the link below for details of our activities.