Third ATBU International Conference 16-18 May 2013/2556

1) The Most Ven. Chancellor of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Myanmar
2) The Most Ven. Rector of State Pariyatti Sasana University, Yangon, Myanmar
3)The Most Ven. Rector of State Pariyatti Sasana University, Mandalay, Myanmar
4) The Most Ven. Rector and Deputy Rectors of International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Myanmar
5) Deputy Rector of International Abhidhamma Institute, Yangon, Myanmar
6) The Most Ven. Vice Chancellor, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
7) The Most Ven. Vice Chancellor, Buddhasravaka Bhikshu University, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
8) The Most Ven. Principal, Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore, Singapore
9) The Most Ven. Chairman of the Council of International Buddhist College, Thailand
10) The Most Ven. Rector and Deputy Rector for Foreign Affairs of MCU, Thailand
11) The Most Ven. Acting Rector and Acting Deputy Rector for Foreign Affairs, MBU, Thailand
12) The Most Ven. Principal, Vietnam Theravada Buddhist College, Hue, Vietnam
13) The Most Ven Principal, Sangha College, (Wat Laung) Champassak, Lao
14) The Most Ven. Principal, Sangha College (Wat Ongtue Mahavihara) Vientiane, Lao
15) The Most Ven. Principal, Kertarajasa Buddhist College, Batu, Indonesia
16) The Most Ven. Principal, Smaratunga Buddhist College, Central Java, Indonesia
17) Principal, Bodhi Dharma Buddhist College, Medan, North Sumatra, Indoensia
18) Principal, Nalanda Buddhist College, Jakarta, Indoensia
19) Syailendra Buddhist College, Semarang, Indonesia
20) Director, Nalanda Mahavihar, Bihar, India
21) The Most Ven. Principal (Jnanapurnik Mahathera), Theravada Buddhist University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear The Most Venerable Sirs, Professors and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman of the ATBU and its Secretariat at MBU, Bangkok, I am honoured to announce that the long-awaiting Third International Conference of the ATBU is going to be held on 16-18 May 2013/ 2556 at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Thailand. You may recall that a year and half ago, this conference was postponed because of the unprecedented floods that overwhlemed many parts of Thailand including the MBU's newly built conference hall where we were supposed to hold the conference. Now, the conference hall has been renovated at the cost of hundreds of millions of Thai Bhats.

Our Secretariat and generous host, Mahamakut Buddhist University is organizing this conference to mark the centenary of His Holiness the Thai Sangharaja Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara (1903 - ).

The format of the conference is going to be different from what we intended to do in 2010 when we called for papers and indeed had received a number of them. This time though our format is influenced by the needs of ASEAN which will open and integrate among its members in 2015, in less than two years time. Thailand is very much in the preparation for that opening and integration.

Therefore, the conference will take a form of many workshops designed to enhance syllabus designing, teaching and research ability of the ATBU members, the majority of whom come form the ASEAN block. Our ATBU Hon. Treasurer and now Acting Deputy Rector for Foreign Affairs of MBU, the Ven. Dr. Phra Anil Sakya Sugandho is leading in formatting the workshops.

I would like to actively seek your blessings and advice on how best to maximize the benefits of the workshops for ATBU members.

The organisers will invite three to five members of teaching staff from every member-institution, depending on the size of teaching staff population. So, kindly keep this in mind and wait for my second emails that will come to you individually.

Yours respectfully in the dhamma,
Ven. Dhammasami
ATBU Executive Secretary