1st Conference 2007

An Application of the Dependent Origination in Insight Meditation Practice

In this paper I am going to briefly focus on how the teaching of the Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) can be applied in meditation practice. The Dependent Origination is mainly studied by theoreticians. Here I wish to draw your attention how this fundamental teaching may be used as a guide in our meditation practice.

In the endeavour to be delivered from suffering, of the sixty two wrong views, the wrong view of self or soul, sakkāyadiṭṭhi, along with doubt, vicikicchā, is to be dispelled first.

The Profundity of the Abhidhamma

Abhidhamma, a psychological and philosophical discourse, is a unique teaching of the Buddha. In this teaching the Buddha analyzed mainly mind and matter which are the ultimate phenomena in this world. The study of Abhidhamma enables us to purify our view, because the purification of view can be attained only by seeing mind and matter as they really are.



Dr.Ādiccavaṃsa, Dean, Faculty of Missionary and Religions, ITBM University, Yangon, Myanmar.

Theravāda is a principle or belief of the venerable elder Buddhist monks. In Theravāda Buddhism, the exact words of Buddha have not been extended or subtracted or removed from the original teachings.

Abhidhamma can be seen as a philosophy of individual or ultimate truth.