ATBU Conference

Dear ATBU Member-Universities and Colleges,

The ATBU will be two years in coming March, so another bi-annual conference is due. This Second Bi-Annual Conference of the ATBU is going to be held in Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing, Myanmar between 6 to 9th, March 2009 (not in December as intended earlier).

Dhamma-samvega: A Dhammic Condolence to Ven. Dr. Dhammasami

We have learned with Dhamma-samvega that the beloved mother of Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami has passed away peacefully a few days ago. Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami is the General-secretary of ATBU, IABU and Abbot of Oxford Buddha Vihara in UK. He has been flying in and out of Myanmar often in recent months in order to take care of his mother who has been sick for a while. Finally, she gave up keeping her Khandhas remained intact and passed away peacefully. Certainly, this is a great loss for Ven. Dr. Dhammasami and his family members.

The second meeting of the ATBU Executive Council


The ATBU Executive Council is meeting on 15th January 2008 at the ATBU Secretariat, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Bangkok, for the second time since its inception to discuss the progress of the association. Seven of the nine Council members including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Executive Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, are attending this meeting. The Council is expected to agree on an exchange programme for 2008 and discuss about the coming General Meeting of all members which is taking place in Sagaing, Maynmar there there is a Member-University, Sitagu.

Sitagu Int’l Buddhist Academy opens a branch in Yangon

25 August 2007

Sitagu International Buddhist Academy (SIBA), established by its current Chancellor, the Most Ven. Dr. Ashin Nyanissara, Chairman of the ATBU, has opened a branch in Yangon (Rangoon), the former Capital, on Saturday 25 August 2007. SIAB has its main campus in Sagaing, in the Upper Myanmar. This is the first branch outside Sagaing since its founding in 2000.

The ATBU is set to register in Thailand


27 May 2007

The first meeting of the ATBU Executive Council was held at the Headquarter of the ATBU at Mahamakut Buddhist University (MBU), Bangkok in the evening of May 27th, during the 2007 United Nations Vesak Day (UNDV) celebrations last month. Seven of the nine Council members were present at the meeting, which was called by the Chairman to discuss where to register the association.