Pāḷi Font

Dear Dhamma friends: As we have a typing problem with Pāḷi fonts, I have attached Pāḷi spelling here. You just install it then you will be able to type Pāḷi fonts naturally. Click here to install


In the Dhamma, Ven.Sayadej


Here is the correct link for Vietspell

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Ven. Sayadej

Cannot download from the link you provided. Here is the zip file: Vietspell30.zip

The program is in Vietnamese, not English. Below is the instruction how to type Pāli.


Alternatively, you can use Bhikkhu Pesala's Pāli Keyboards to input Pali

More information about Pali Keyboards: http://aimwell.org/Fonts/Keyboards/keyboards.html

Pali Unicode Fonts

In Bhikkhu Pesala's website, you can find many Unicode Pali fonts: http://aimwell.org/Fonts/fonts.html


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My system is Windows xp home edition. I have downloaded the zip folder and when I have extracted a blue very small box have appeared reporting to Pali. When I went to the extracted folder the Read me, like the Help have disapeared and the computer became working under Pali Romanization, that was really notorious when I try to write in the Word, but also and worst, any password of mine - for the diferent systems and webs that I need -, was accepted.
Can you and if you please, give me some light about this comportment. I have scaned with my anti virus and all was fine. The things only came to the normality after I have uninstaled all of zip folder.
Thank you a lot

Dao Juan Tû - http://foziber.no.sapo.pt