e-Learning MA Programme for Buddhist Studies

The IBC’s eLearning program aim to serve the students more effectively. The highlights of the new, improved eLearning program are:

1. Master of Arts (MA) course.

The MA degree course in Buddhist Studies is fully certified by the International Buddhist College (IBC) and accredited by the Education Ministry of Thailand. The curriculum listed in eLearning MA degree is adopted from the same topics conducted in the classrooms of IBC. The lecture notes used in eLearning are developed by the teaching professors based on the class lectures. They have comprehensively covered their relevant subjects and they are equivalent to quality classroom lectures.

2. Implementation of the Semester System.

As the MA course is designed to complete in three year period, the semester system is implemented to ensure that the subject papers are duly completed by each of the semester. There will be two semesters per year and two subjects will be covered in each semester. The first semester will begin in July of each year and the second semester will begin in December. Student can enrol in either semester. The semester timing is exactly the same as the operating semesters of the IBC.

3. Online Examination.

The students are required to complete and assignment for every paper taken. Towards the end of each semester, there will be an examination conducted for the student. In eLearning, the assignments are to be submitted onto the web site and the examinations will be conducted online.

4. Thesis and Comprehensive Examination

At the end of the three year period, when the students have completed all the required subject papers, a 25,000 words thesis is required of each student. After the submission of the MA thesis, the student is required to sit for an invigilated comprehensive examination. The venue for comprehensive examination can be conducted at a designated examination centre nearest to the student, such as, IBC, the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate, or any designated centres.

Registrations are open now for the new intake of the Semester starting from 6th December, 2011.

The First Year subjects are:

July – November (First semester)
BT6101 Theravada Buddhism
BT6208 Buddhism and Society

December – April (Second semester)
BT6102 Mahayana Buddhism
BT6103 History of Indian Buddhism

Second Year Subjects are:

July – November (First semester)
BT6205 A Survey of the Doctrines of Abhidharma School
CB6215 Chinese Buddhist Thoughts: A Historical Perspective.

December – April (Second semester)
BT6217 Lamrin Chenmo: The path to Enlightenment in the Tibetan Tradition.
ST6206 Japanese Buddhism

Third Year Subjects are:

Option 1: BT6322 Thesis (25,000 words)

Option 2: Three more courses and Independent Study (Short Thesis, 3 credits).
Comprehensive examination

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